About me

I work for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and the Institute of Mental Health. I provide help and advice with statistics and evaluation within the Trust as well as developing evaluative tools and producing analysis and data visualisation to help us to better understand our service users and staff.

This blog is about research, evaluation, data science, visualisation, R, Tex, and project work past and present.

Various half baked ideas, projects, things I’m still learning about, interactive graphics, and other things live on the website. Come visit!

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Just a quickie to say how much I like the images on your blog, they are just so pin-point relevant to the topics you cover and fit so seamlessly with the stylish design of the blog.
    I did want to note just one suggested improvement – any chance your URLs could be cleansed so they were easier to hack?
    Overall, magnificent work.

    • I was referring to the specific use in the New Statesman article. They were speaking pretty broadly since they were comparing Facebook, Apple, and Google which are all very different companies, of course. I guess they meant “a technology which shapes and enables the way in which people access the internet”, maybe, something like that.

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