Shirin Glander: First #rstats meetup on June 19th w/ great presentation on Bayesian Regression Models using Stan by @paulbuerkner!… *** Gavin Simpson: FRK: An R Package for Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Prediction with Large Datasets. Zammit-Mangion & Cressie #rstats *** Joshua Ulrich: Next StL RUG on 6/8 at 6pm! Todd Robinson will talk about analyzing big data with Microsoft R #rstats *** Joyce Robbins: Advice for #rstats ppl: for the easiest, simplest, no-nonsense approach to anything, do it the way @xieyihui suggests @rstudio #blogdown *** Joyce Robbins: .@xieyihui: "Sometimes I feel I'm like an #RMarkdown virus" injecting it into whatever good tools I find @rstudio… *** Myfanwy: "Sometimes I feel like I'm just an RMarkdown virus." - @xieyihui on new blogdown pkg #rstats *** Austin Wehrwein: When my trials & tribulations with KML & some pretty cool archaeological data come together with leaflet #rstats *** R Weekly Live: Microsoft R Open 3.4.0 now available @MicrosoftR #rstats #datascience *** Lucas A. Wilson: Learn about #Hadoop #spark #python #rstats @TACC's "Data and Information Analytics" institute Jun 19-23! Register… *** Julia Silge: @xieyihui @rstudio "If you have built websites before, it will take you several days to get going with blogdown." 😂😭😂😭😂 #rstats *** Pierce Edmiston: I've come to accept that my #1 reason for liking pipes in R is that it helps things fit on one line. #rstats *** Alex Bresler: Great video on how AirBNB uses #rstats; it's a true data driven company its & built a moat! / @km @alexjacobson *** Andrew 🇪🇺: Retweeted David Smith (@revodavid): Microsoft R Open 3.4.0 now available for Windows, Mac and Linux #rstats... *** Sharon Machlis: Next RStudio webinar after today's Blogdown session: June 7 11 am EDT Creating & Pre-Processing a Design Matrix w Recipes - Max Kuhn #rstats *** David Smith: Microsoft R Open 3.4.0 now available for Windows, Mac and Linux #rstats *** W. P. Boyce: @synflyn28 @Darren_Rhodes #Rstats and #Python are my favourites 😍 *** Justin Lynn Reid: This right here is one reason why there is a reproducibility crisis in science. Open source > closed source.… *** Mango Solutions: #rstats workshop in San Francisco 5 June $100 pp: Spark and R with sparklyr. Book now: *** Analytics Vidhya: It's all about R - know its fundamentals, concepts, applications and more in #DataScience.… *** Justin Lynn Reid: @BoyceWP @Darren_Rhodes Glorious! #rstats *** W. P. Boyce: @synflyn28 @Darren_Rhodes And in #Rstats land ;) *** Deborah Tannon: #RStats —Win an ticket to San Francisco EARL : *** Data Geek: ggeffects: Create Tidy Data Frames of Marginal Effects for ‚ggplot‘ from Model Outputs #rstats #r #statistics #dat… *** R-bloggers: Win an ticket to San Francisco EARL #rstats #DataScience *** Hao Zhu: Tagging is coming to RStudio Connect 1.5!!!! Awesome!! #rstats *** David Robinson: Great story about productionizing ML with R/C#:"A Dive into Stack Overflow Jobs Search"… *** Denise 🦀: Anyone else run into this before? #Rstats *** R Weekly Live: Counterintuitive probability problem of the day #rstats #datascience *** Sharon Machlis: Analyzing Premier League home-field preferences with R #rstats by @joedgallagher *** R-bloggers: US Counties – Race/Ethnicity (using choroplethr R package) #rstats #DataScience *** manos.p: Invest some time into wrapping your SQL queries in R as functions! #rstats #bigquery *** Tim Hoolihan: NLP & Kaggle at tonight’s Cleveland R User Group meeting. New location, Crown Center 1 on Rockside #rstats *** Eben du Toit: I was asked recently which #rstats packages I know well. A better question is: Which packages make my life easier? Because that's key. *** Rick Pack: Thank you @theRcast for the @rstudio::conf interviews and many #rstats ideas. Hope you can return to podcasting soon. Any way I can help? *** Andrew Allyn: It's time. Best Github guides for a beginner? Fairly proficient with R, but terminal still scares me. #rstats #github *** Thomas Leeper: #PoliSciOnCRAN #rstats *** Analytics Vidhya: Learn to create common as well as advanced Visualizations in R. #dataviz #rstats *** Robots-and-AIs: RT @aschinchon : A genetic #algorithm in #rstats to compose something similar to music inspired in Bach … *** Tom Schenk Jr.: A spectrum #dataviz of Mr Roger's cardigan colors (with #rstats code!) *** Albert Y. Kim: @armalarm42 @baumouse @sitadiane @GarbageBeanDC @mickischill @nerberta @plotlygraphs is like #rstats ggplot2 with d… *** Andrea Schnell: Typing math equations can be fun! Real-time rendering of LaTeX equations in @rstudio notebooks #rstats *** Gabe Becker: @carroll_jono There is no "current namespace" in #rstats. Do you mean on the search path? *** This twitter feed brought to you by Chris Beeley enterprises