A joke about R

I’m so sorry, I’ve come across an R joke I must share. If you don’t care about R, look away now because this post is definitely not for you.

A scientist and a statistician are working together in the office. The scientist says to the statistician “Which is the fastest way to identify non-zero elements in an array using R?”.

The statistician replies “Yes.”

“No, which is the fastest way?”

“Yes, it is.”

“No, I’m asking you, which is the fastest way?”

“Yes, you’re right, it is.”


[if you don’t get it and you’re still reading, here].

Thanks to Hadley Wickham, progenitor of the first R joke I’ve come across.

EDIT: I thought I stole this joke structure from the “Hu is the President of China” bit (I forget where I heard it from) but thanks to the magic of Twitter I now know that they stole it from Abbott and Costello: