Downloading Lucida Console on Ubuntu

Well, it’s been a horribly long time since I blogged anything. There’s another small chaos generator in the house and he and his older brother are keeping me pretty busy.

Anyway, this is a quick post to solve a problem which appears to have no Google Juice at all- downloading Lucida Console for Linux. If you want Lucida fonts generally there’s some stuff here, but at least when I tried it there was no Lucida Console. There are various bits of outdated and broken links on the subject, and I’m pretty sure one of the sites I was visiting tried to give me a Windows virus, so be careful out there, nonetheless I have found and installed it successfully.

The download that worked and didn’t try to infect my computer is here. I installed it following the instructions here (basically just pop the file in /usr/share/fonts/).

And is how you install Lucida Console on Ubuntu. Hopefully this will work its way up Google’s list and save somebody some head scratching (some of the links on the first page were from 2008, needless to say the links and instructions in them did not work).