Pay and reward

I’m reading No Rules Rules, the Netflix management book. It’s really good, lots of interesting stuff in there about doing things differently and although clearly there’s a lot I can’t do in the NHS, there are lessons in there for sure.

I’ve just read the bit about paying people top of market rate and I’m so happy because it describes loads of people who are on $250,000, crazy money, moping around and leaving because they can get a 40% pay rise somewhere else.

How does 40% on top of $0.25m make you any happier? It’s a nonsense. But the people I work with and recruit don’t chop and change for money. They do what they do because it’s meaningful, and because they believe in the founding principles of the NHS.

So although I can’t pay top of market I don’t need to, either. I just need to ask people to do useful stuff, in the open, for everyone, and to do it their way with whatever support they need. And pay them properly, of course.

That I can do ❤️

That is, in fact, my jam 🎸🎸🎸