Scraping the RStudio webinar list

I only just found this list of RStudio webinars, there’s loads of stuff on there, I really need to plow through a lot of it. What I really wanted was a list of them with links that I could archive and edit and rearrange so I could show which ones I am interested in, which I’ve already watched, and so on.

Well, if you’ve got a problem, and no-one else can help, then maybe you need… The R Team.

Anyway, that’s enough nostalgia. So all we need is the mighty rvest package and just a little sprinkling of paste0() and we’re away.

Oh yes, and you’ll also need selector gadget, which is described brilliantly in this selector gadget vignette.

Once you’ve got all that, the code writes itself. The only wrinkle I ironed out was that some of the HTML paths were relative, not absolute, so I paste http://blah on the front of those ones, as you’ll see.


rstudio = read_html("")

linkText = rstudio %>%
  html_nodes('.toggle-content a') %>%

linkURL = rstudio %>%
  html_nodes(".toggle-content a") %>%

linkURL[substr(linkURL, 1, 4) != "http"] = 
         linkURL[substr(linkURL, 1, 4) != "http"])

cat(paste0("<a href = ", linkURL, ">", 
           linkText, "</a><br>"), file = "webinar.html")

Done! Now all I did was open the resulting file and paste it into Evernote, which kept the links and text together, as you’d expect, and I can now cut and paste and markup to my heart’s desire.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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