A tidy text talk and some stuff from my Shiny book

This is just a quick post to show some of the stuff that I’ve published/ presented/ put on GitHub recently.

So my Shiny book, Web Application Development with R using Shiny, 3rd edition, is out, and I’ve forked the code from the publisher’s repository onto my own GitHub to make it easier to find.

And I’ve got another book about Shiny out which is all about UI development with Shiny, and I’ve forked the code from that onto my GitHub, too

I’ve also put the talk I did about text processing at the Nottingham useR onto my GitHub as well.

Find the Shiny book code here.
The UI development book is here.
And the tidy text talk here.

3 thoughts on “A tidy text talk and some stuff from my Shiny book”

  1. Chris, I have just purchased Web Application Development V3 via Kindle. I find R useful for my work in educational statistics. I have just worked through ggplot2 by Wickham – not a problem. I thought I might be able to get an idea about shiny from your book. Firstly, the book refers you to packt for the code files. I failed to find them listed. I eventually found the files in GitHub. Downloaded them from GitHub but there are no Chapter numbers in the book to match with GitHub which has chapter numbers but no chapter titles. I have spent many hours trying to match the files. For a beginner there are no clear cut instructions on how to run the code. I eventually ran the early Gapminder app but it failed due to an error to do with tidyverse(I run all the latest versions). After spending many hours trying to work through your book I am giving up. Thought you might like the feedback.

    1. I’m so sorry about your experience. I haven’t seen the Kindle version so I’m not sure if your problem would be easier with a physical version or not. I’ll sit down over the weekend and write a little blog post about running the code from GitHub and also what code goes with what. I’ll link it here and perhaps put it in the Git repository to help others. Please feel free to DM me on Twitter @chrisbeeley if what I do still doesn’t help you to use the book. I’m not really involved in decisions about how the Kindle version works as I’m sure you can imagine but I really want you to get your money’s worth from the book so please let me know how you get on

    2. I just commented but it seems to have vanished. Please see here for more information: https://chrisbeeley.net/?p=1216

      Not sure why the gapminder is failing, perhaps you could send me the error message and the output of sessionInfo() and I’ll have a look?

      Do let me know if this doesn’t resolve your problem

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