In defence of eating

One weird thing in remote/ pandemic times is that people have started turning their cameras off when they eat. I’m all for the right to turn your camera off, I think you should be able to do that at any time without giving a reason, but I think it’s a shame if people think that they can’t eat on camera. I have therefore been glad to eat several large, difficult to eat things in meetings on camera recently, to perhaps give others the idea that it’s okay if they want to do it too.

So far I’ve eaten a footlong Subway which was kind of falling apart really and today it was half of a pretty massive pizza which was also a bit lacking in the structural integrity stakes. So please join me if you wish, we all used to eat in front of each other in The Before Times, it’s totally natural and normal- but also if you don’t want your camera on because you’re eating or for any other reason that’s okay too.

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