In defence of looking at jobs

Nobody should ever have to apologise for looking at jobs, however settled they are. Looking at jobs just means one of:

  1. there might be a better job out there and I want to find it if there is
  2. I want to understand what skills people are recruiting so I can learn and do the right stuff
  3. I’m interested in the jobs and skills that are popular now because I want to understand the playing field of human resources in analytics as an actual or potential leader
  4. I want to understand my worth under agenda for change to I can advocate for the development of my professional role (and my salary :wink: ) in my current role

Any manager that doesn’t like that is a fool, a charlatan, a psychopath, or all three, and then you can add:

5. My line manager is a fool, charlatan, or a psychopath (or all three), and I am trying to leave my current job as fast as possible now I have realised this

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