New Year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year again, so what do I need to keep doing or do differently this year?

1. Keep being organised with Evernote and Getting Things Done. I found recently that I was processing so many bits of paper and information that I just gave up. Only the most important stuff got stored in my brain, the rest was discarded. Having started using Evernote and guided by Getting Things Done I have a massive brain pack to store everything I can’t use at the moment.

2. Produce reproducible reports. I think it’s a very important area of growth in statistical analysis and, moreover, I think it will make my work better (for a start, I’ll spend much longer commenting code and making it readable if it’s being published).

3. Learn something new. I need to learn various bits and pieces relating to interactive graphics this year (Tcl/ TK? Java? HTML5?) but I need to expand my statistical knowledge too. Likely candidates include bootstrapping and Bayesian analysis.

4. Publish, publish, publish. I’m sitting on too many datasets and pieces of work that should be published. Blogging is a good way of sharing small pieces of work and progress but it doesn’t require the care and attention which academic publication entails. I must publish more.

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