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Inspired by the many excellent blogs about research, statistics, and computing I have finally decided to set up my own. My work for Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and the Institute of Mental Health comprises advice and consultancy, research and evaluation, and data visualisation. I like to use R for my statistics, and have recently started making reproducible research using Sweave and odfWeave. Over time I have found I need to write more and more code and I am studying Java in October to help me on the way to being a proper programmer.

Expect posts about all of these things, and miscellany relating to statistics, data science and healthcare. To get started I’m going to do some retrospective posts over the next few weeks about what brought me here, some of my project work, and where I’m going over the next year.

In this and all subsequent posts the content reflects my own beliefs and opinions, not those of Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, the NHS, or the Institute of Mental health or any of its partners.

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