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My book has just come out, Web Application Development with R using Shiny. It’s an introduction to the marvellous Shiny from the wonderful people at RStudio. Although the online documentation for Shiny does cover most of the things you might want to do with it the people who approached me about writing the book thought that having a more comprehensive guide with some worked examples would be useful. And I was inclined to agree. So I wrote the book in 3 months, which was one of the most brilliant and awful experiences of my entire life.

As I mentioned in a previous post, a lot of the code I wrote for the book lives on GitHub, links from my website. I also host all the applications on my server, so you can play with the actual applications themselves, again links are on the site.

The book takes you all the way from beginning with R, all the way through very basic examples of Shiny, and on through using HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript/ jQuery with Shiny, and various advanced functions like controlling reactivity, uploading and downloading files, all that kind of thing.

It’s a very humble contribution, really, but I would definitely have bought, read and used it when I was starting out, so I hope it goes some way to helping people use Shiny, which really to me represents a complete game-changer in the way that you can write a halfway decent application to let anybody explore your data in a morning.

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    1. Thanks! Let’s hope others agree and find it useful. It was a lot of hard work but definitely worth it.

      Thanks for your hard work reviewing it. It’s much, much improved thanks to the technical reviews.

  1. Hi Chris,
    Your book is awesome! I bought it 2 days ago and probably I’m going to finish today…

    Chris, I’m curious about this

    It seems a server this part 8080/shiny/GA/. How can I do that. (I haven’t finish the last part of your book but It’s a interesting way to put shiny app online)

    Another question, Is it necessary to install this one?
    Thank in advance and congratulations for your work and your book!


    Arturo Chian

    1. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the feedback. I’m very glad it’s useful to you. The URL is explained by the configuration of the Shiny Server which you will need to run on your own server (I have an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server to run Shiny apps, host my blog, serve my website etc. etc.).

      Basically the URL is just a filepath from wherever you configure Shiny Server to get the application files, and the 8080 is the port number, I chose this because I found the default was blocked where I work.

      There is more information here, in section 2

      Watch out because, rather confusingly, they have now rolled Shiny Server Professional into the help files for open source Shiny Server, all the Pro version only stuff is marked as such.

      Hope this makes sense, happy to share my config file with you if that’s helpful, just let me know at chrisDOTbeeleyATgmailDOTcom

      And yes, that link you provide is to the open source version of Shiny Server, which is what you want. As I say in the book, it’s really easy to use, I’m a very long way from being a sysadmin but I had the whole thing running beautifully in an hour and it hasn’t gone down once since.

  2. Namaste!, Mr Beeley

    I have learned a lot from this book and its is amazing. The book is lucid, all the topics are very well composed and easy to understand. The whole macabre of R programs (no offence though) have now come to life, courtesy, shiny and the guys at R studio and of course your book.. 🙂

    For anyone who needs to know more about shiny, this book is THE one!

    Wish you all the best.

    Sunit Prasad

    1. I’m really pleased you like it. Thanks for getting in touch. Even such a small book caused a lot of late nights and headaches, but I’ve had lots of nice feedback from people who’ve found it useful, and as I mentioned in the blog post I would have definitely found it useful when I was starting out.

      Shiny is getting more and more awesome all the time, would that I had time to write a follow up, but with two young children I think I’ll have to let someone else pick up that particular mantle.

      Thanks again, enjoy Shiny.

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