The internet platform of the future

I recently sent the following to the New Statesman in response to a piece they recently carried which weighed up the likely fortunes of Google, Facebook, and Apple, and asked which would be the internet platform of the future. It is quite obvious to me that we already have the internet platform of the future, and it’s called Linux. They ran it, edited, in the letters page, but they don’t publish letters online so here, for the first time, live and unplugged, is the unexpurgated version.

“I read the recent “Is Apple dying?” with great interest- a sound analysis of the woes of the increasingly less mighty Apple. It’s interesting that even in the pages of the New Statesman, however, the value of something is ignored unless it is profitable. For we already have “The internet platform of the future”. We have long had it and it shows no sign of weakening in the future. It’s called Linux. It’s totally free and so turns no profit for shareholders, but it ceaselessly and tirelessly grows and develops, a product of a global community that believes in the true values of the internet. The internet as we know it today would be quite impossible without Linux- could Apple and Facebook say the same? Google perhaps could, but it’s interesting to note their heavy use of Linux, most notably within the Android operating system.”

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