Clearly Better For Analytics and Graphics (My LondonR talk- Developing with Shiny for the Web)

I gave a talk at the LondonR group last night about using Shiny and particularly about integrating it with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery to go nicely with other web content. Appropriately enough, therefore, I made the whole talk using HTML. Thanks to Romain Francois for his excellent highlight package (surely it should be called highlightR, though?) with which I did the HTML for the highlighting of R syntax and to this website with which I highlighted the HTML, JavaScript and jQuery.

I did promise to bring some free copies of my book, sadly these did not arrive from the publisher in time but I will get them sent out this week, apologies to the three people who won them.

Those who attended my talk will also know that there are three more e-copies up for grabs, so just answer the question I posed at the talk and send it to chrisDOTbeeleyATnottshcDOTnhsDOTuk and the first three will get a code to redeem for an electronic version, which includes pdf, Kindle, and online cloud access.

The talk is here, have a look at the applications and code, hopefully you will find it useful. I should emphasise that I am expert in neither JavaScript nor HTML/ CSS and have written code that merely works so please don’t assume that all the HTML/ CSS is industry-standard, it really isn’t.

Speaking of which, older version of IE do something truly awful to the slides, I’m afraid I have neither the time nor the skill to do anything about this. I have tested it on IE10 as well as up to date versions of Chrome and Firefox so please use one of them instead.

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