Digikam crashes on startup

To be honest, this post is really designed as a reminder to me in case I ever reinstall my OS, but it will probably get a bit of Google juice and could possibly help somebody else.

If you’re using Digikam (a fine piece of software for organising your photos, well worth a look) and you find that it crashes on startup with Linux Mint, then

sudo apt-get install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins

4 thoughts on “Digikam crashes on startup”

  1. I have entered the script as you suggested, but it has not cured the problem of crashing on start up. I have Digikam installed on my desk top, it is working just fine. The installation on my laptop is the one that crashes

    1. Sorry about the delay, I think the notifications of comments to my blog must be broken. I’m afraid I can’t really help. This worked for me and I just moved on. I’ve stopped using it now anyway, it was a bit too complicated for me. Sorry!

  2. Good day,
    Many thanks for your reply – yes, I quite agree the programme is far to complicated especially after using FireStone whilst I had Windows XP installed. What would you suggest as a good replacement?

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