Lazy tables with R and pander

One of the many things I love about R is how gloriously lazy it can help you to be. I’m writing a report at the moment and I need to make lots of tables in R Markdown. I need them to be proportions, expressed as a percentage, rounded to 0 decimal places, and I need to add (%) to each label on the table. That’s a lot of code when you’ve got 8 or 10 tables to draw, so I just made a function that does it. It takes two arguments, the variable you want tabulated, and the order in which you want the table. I need to specify the order manually because the default alphabetical ordering doesn’t work with all of the data that I want, as in the example here. Without ordering manually, the “Less than one year” category appears at the end.

Here’s a minimal example:


niceTable = function(x, y) {
  tempTable = round(
               levels = y)
    ) * 100, 0)
  names(tempTable) = paste0(names(tempTable), " (%)")

a = c(rep("Less than one year", 3), rep("1 - 5 years", 4), 
    rep("5 - 10 years", 2))

niceTable(a, c("Less than one year", 
    "1 - 5 years", "5 - 10 years"))

Boom! Instant laziness. Unless my boss is reading, in which case it’s efficiency 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lazy tables with R and pander”

    1. ————————————————————-
      Less than one year (%) 1 – 5 years (%) 5 – 10 years (%)
      ———————— —————– ——————
      33 44 22

      Looks a bit wonky without a monospaced font, but you get the idea.

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